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Our Spice Boxes make great gifts for friends and family. Surprise them this year with Kampot Pepper from Cambodia or a culinary adventure with salts inspired from cuisines around the world or how about a set of 6 exquisite sea salts.

If fancy salts and pepper isn’t what you are looking for, we have an incredible one shot seasoning and rubs pack. A perfect gift for a grill master.


Sarah’s Sea Salt Collection


6 EXQUISITE Salt Blends inspired from flavors from around the world

Sarah’s Sea Salt began years ago as a seasoning experiment onboard a sailboat anchored off the island of St. Barts. Since this inspiring voyage, many other culinarily rich ports of call have beckoned.

Our Sarah’s Sea Salt collection invites you to sail away to the Aegean, Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico or stay planted on the herb-infused terra firma of Provence or Tuscany.

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Salt Sensations Collection


6 SAVORY Flavors of
Crunchy Mediterranean

Coastal Goods was founded after we discovered a uniquely crunchy Mediterranean sea salt during a visit to the South of France. Enchanted by the purity and quality of this sale, we began blending it with popular flavors running the garden gamut from onion, garlic, celery, and tomato to further afield lemon & smoky applewood.

Our Salt Sensations Gift Set is an exciting way to discover just how uncommon a common pinch of salt can be.

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One Shot Seasonings

One Shot Seasoning Collection


6 UNIQUE Spice Blends from Favorite Local & International Destinations

Ever since the Stone Age, grilling food over an open flame has been a captivating cooking adventure. Today almost every world culture engages in some form of grilling. Coastal Goods takes special pride in exploring and distilling the global spectrum of vibrantly unique grilling seasonings.

Our curated collection of ONE SHOT SEASONINGS invites you to transport your tastebuds to a few of our favorite local & international grilling hot spots.

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Kampot Peppers

Kampot Peppers Collection


4 UNRIVALED Kampot Pepper varieties cultivated next the Secret Lake in Cambodia

After a trip to Cambodia and tasting the Kampot Peppers, Nigel was sold. The flavors these wonderful little peppers could produce was mesmerizing. All the peppers are certified organic.

The gift box comes with Pearls of Pepper, Red Pepper, Black Pepper and Salted Green Pepper. Don’t miss out on these incredible rare and special peppers.

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