Elizabeth's Tumbled Tomatoes Maria

I think tomatoes are probably the best thing that comes from the earth!  Many years ago, I started making [herbs de Provence-seasoned] tumbled tomatoes as a simple snack and cocktail nibble. If you love tomatoes, you will love them. It is the simplest recipe but it is a favorite of nearly everyone I know. This is my South of the Border version made with Tequila and The Seasoned Pantry Gulf of Mexico salt and spices.


Serves 4-6


½          cup Blanco Tequila such as Herradura

2          pints cherry tomatoes

¼          cup The Seasoned Pantry Gulf of Mexico salt + spices

            Toothpicks for serving


  1. Wash tomatoes in cold water and remove all excess water, but do not dry.
  2. Prick tomatoes with a toothpick so that the tequila can seep into the tomatoes.
  3. Toss tomatoes with tequila until they are evenly mixed. Refrigerate in a re-closeable freezer bag, and toss occasionally while being refrigerated.
  4. Serve chilled using the Bamboozle Prep ‘n Serve with toothpicks and a side bowl of The Seasoned Pantry Gulf of Mexico salt + spices for dipping.

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Elizabeth Karmel is a grilling and barbecue expert, Southern chef, writer and author of four grilling and barbecue cookbooks, and the founder of www.GirlsattheGrill.com and What’s 4 Dinner.